Teeth Whitening in Dayton, Ohio

At Dr. John T. Green’s Office, we offer 1-hour in-office teeth whitening with Zoom™. Many of our patients arrive at our office with discolored teeth and emerge one hour later flashing a million-dollar smile.

The Zoom™ technology is fast, reliable, safe and long lasting. This procedure may lighten your teeth up to eight shades during just one treatment.

As we age, our teeth begin to appear stained and yellow. Tooth discoloration may worsen by drinking coffee, tea, wine and other dark-colored beverages or smoking.
Teeth whitening will help you to refresh your smile and brighten your teeth.

Why have professional Whitening?

Unfortunately, many people are enticed to use inexpensive, off-the-shelf whitening solutions from the supermarket. The resulting shade is usually inconsistent and these products often cause heightened sensitivity.

Most often people are simply not satisfied with the results.

We Can Offer Take-Home Whitening

If you would prefer take-home whitening, Dr. Green can recommend some safe and effective treatment options for you.

What is the difference between teeth whitening and bleaching? These procedures both whiten the teeth but are really quite different.

Teeth whitening removes stains and assists teeth in returning to their natural color. This procedure can effectively remove discoloration caused by diet and routine wear and tear.

Teeth bleaching is generally used to whiten teeth beyond their original color with various types of bleaches.

Teeth bleaching may treat stains that regular teeth whitening cannot remove. Intrinsic stains (those caused by trauma, aging, chronic tobacco use, and excessive ingestion of fluoride) may be eliminated through teeth bleaching. Staining from antibiotic tetracycline may also be treated with this procedure.